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Liverpool Liverbirds

The Kiekko League debut of Unforgiven!

Defeat. Beachballs. 11th place. Disappointment. What else can you say?

Two players have been sacked. I want to thank nuuska and Vidual for their stake for the team last season. Good luck with your next journey! I also feel honoured to express my gratitude for other team members. We did not last for the playoffs but we ensured our position in Kiekkoliiga, which, in the end, was quite breath-taking to verify. I hope each member of our present roster decides to continue their 'unforgivable' path.

Well, those were the compulsory comments on last season. Let's move on!

For the next season we, Unforgiven, will be looking for suitable and most able players, both defenders and forwards. I hope all the applicants will be at least 17 years old -- all in the team are --, have a decent attitude at the game, other players and life, and are somewhat acquainted with current team members.

I wish a jolly summer for all our supporters, fans, friends and foes! ;)


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Julkaistu 02.04.2007 02:15
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