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Half time!

Placed 7th after 15 games, Unforgiven has started with its first season in the Kiekko League fairly well. Although the team's play having been sometimes flighty, it has gathered 17 points through six wins and five draws (lost four games) before the half-break. There is much to be improved but the team has managed better in the standings so far than it was expected.

Unforgiven's defence quarters, however, has received some most promising new inhabitants: Erry and the old hands, Vidual and Kolikko. Unfortunately, there has been a backlash too: Tibet left our team for HC Mose, which he will prepare for the next season's qualifications for the Second Division of Kiekko League. The reason for this was most likely decreased motivation, but nothing personal was between him and his ex-team.

Despite the overall success, the team's offensive unit has had some problems with effectiveness, while nuuska, the defender, is still scoring most of their League goals.

The manager of Unforgiven personally aims at ranking among the five best teams in Kiekko League, though he affirms that the real goal for the team is to get to the play-offs. "In order to do that you must remember the importance of training," says Ghosty, "and never forget that Hende the cheerleader is always there."

It was only a few seconds later when Ghosty suddenly disappeared. I asked for any signs of him only to find out that there hadn't been anyone besides me. I think I'm just schizophrenic.


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