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Tutustu pelaajaan: Frosty

Aikaisemmin verkkolehti Paitsiossa oli Viikon vieras juttusarja. Tämä palaa nytten uudella rakenteella. Tutustu pelaajaan sarja käsittelee Kiekkoliigan sarjoissa pelaavia pelaajia hieman syvemmin. Sarjaa pyritään tälläkin kertaa julkaisemaan tasaisin väliajoin.

Sarjassa ensimmäistä kertaa ulkomaalaisväriä tarjoaa Frosty. Haastattelu on tehty semmosella englannilla mitä ite osaan joten mussuttakaa vaa kielioppivirheistä.

First, tell us; who are you and where you come from.
- I am a weird guy, coming from potato land called Latvia, guess nothing special.

How did you find that game?
- I saw so many soccer games like this, so I thought - "what if there any similar hockey games" so I decided to type on google ''MULTIPLAYER ONLINE HOCKEY GAME" and grandma Mrs.Google sent me to this game.

You have played since 2011. What is your best moment/memories?
- I have had a lot of different experiences - tournaments during my time in this game, but I suppose most memorizing will be first games in Finnish leagues(I started in 2divari) which went pretty successfull, then World Cup, our team played pretty well, almost beat Finland which were favourites of entire tournament, so it was great experience. Also time spent in Jalattomat Puukädet playing in Liiga was a great push, then obviously Old&Notorious which I think was best place where I have ever played and was most successfull, wish we really achieved our real potential there. Guys like sambu2 or can always learn from them.

Is it hard to be a foreign player? How high is your ping and how it affect in your game?
- In the beginning I experienced this nationality issue - couldn't understand a damn thing someone was saying to me, then got kicked from many "kaikki varv" rooms and received messages like "Sorry, but you are not Finnish". But few years here and now I know common used words in Finnish. I think - if you are enough good to play somewhere - you will still get there, no matter are you from Japan or Finland, it all depends on yourself. Ping is normally around 35, when I started it was 25-30. Sometimes my provider goes full retard and its 75 and up, but overall no difference.

Like others, you are also defender. Why?
- It all started years ago, when I had my first own team, we didn't have defenders, and after several tries of everyone playing defense, I decided to risk and play few games there aswell. It was horrible, so I kept playing regs, autoplay as defender to practice, because we were desperate for player in certain position. But I can tell - I never liked, and still hate playing this position, but it's how it is. Still got more success in this hated position, than playing forward.

What are you doing in real life?
- Most of my time in life I spent working, now started to learn in college, sometimes come kiekko, sometimes party, sometimes sleep, sometimes watch hockey.

Small birds are whispering that you play much under the influence of alcohol. Is this true?
- Next time I won't share any more alco with these birds...:D. Not gonna say I tend to play this game drunk on purpose, doing my best to avoid coming here after parties or stuff like that but sometimes "leavened juices" are stronger than your mind. Overall playing drunk was never good, playing like my mouse was plugged off the computer.

Describe your dream woman.
- Dark hair, white skin(yes im rasist), hot as fuck, IQ level over average Latvian, can cook, can open a beer for me, loves ice hockey and knows something about it.

If Gusev's mom asked you to watch an entire football match with her, would you do it?
- I don't love football, I hate it, but if it's with Gusevs mom, no doubt I would watch and probably even invite her to football practice where she would be field and I would be Messi.

Oikea asking: How's yo plans goin' with Thierry for the end of the season bruh :D
- Dunno what he is really talking about. I honestly have no idea what I'm going to do next season, probably retire, probably not...who knows. :)

You get a chance to change something in What would it be?
- I would remove team my oppinion it destroyed game, I know a lot of newbies, who left this game just when this "fair" system showed up. Actually, could mention a lot of things but I don't think my oppinion would give any effect on this game so, let that just stay with me. ;)

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